Friday, 12 August 2011

The Catacombs of Paris

A wall of skulls, This isn't a sound stage! It's fragging real!

Paris, France has one of the creepiest tourist attractions, ever. The l'Ossuaire Municipal, also known as the catacombs of Paris.  This series of underground tunnels is covered from ceiling to ceiling, wall to wall in human bones. I kid you not. Real life human bones!
Who dares drink from the fountain of death?

The catacombs holds the remains of approximately 6 million people.The reason why these skeletons and bones are put there is due to the old, old practice of burying the less wealthy dead in masses without coffins. If you're interested, a quick google search will  give you lots of info. Looking at the photographs, this place reminds me of a very elaborate horror film set or some level in a video game. It is UNREAL! I can almost see The Cenobites from Clive Barker's Hellraiser appearing out of  the corners.  I would love to take a trip there and see this place for myself... it's Eerie but really cool! They must sell really cool souvenirs there.

Seeing that I can't take a trip there in the near future, I decided to take a 'digital' trip there with my dog ,Toto. Oh yeah, I doctored the photographs so that we fit into the surroundings nicely. We don't usually look this... erm... sinister. Although, there are times where I wish I could turn into this guy... I'm sure people would shit their pants and give me what I wanted if I looked like a skull zombie dude with a hound from hell.

"Look, boy.. They've come to say hello..."

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