Saturday, 13 August 2011

I Think I Love Animals More Than I do Humans

Being an only child, I have often had a lot of time with myself. Growing up, the adults around me had their own things to attend to most of the time and more often than not, I'm left with my music cassette tapes, toys, VCR, books, homework (Yucks to that), and my pets. 

I've had many over the course of my life and thanks to them, I have come to love and respect the animal kingdom very much. I've had turtles, dogs, cats, a rabbit, snakes, spiders, scorpions, caterpillars, frogs... the list goes on. 

A few weeks ago, I found myself visiting someone I hardly knew, it felt like Lunar new year where you get hoisted all over the place by your family and brought to various people's houses, people you don't really know and hardly care for. I started feeling that familiar sense of boredom and my mind was looking for something to do. 
Moon used to be really overweight and neglected, I'm happy she has a new loving home now.

Thank goodness there were two lovely dogs there, one was also visiting and the other belonged to the house. The only 'toy' that I had with me was my Canon and I decided to do something fun. I love taking animal portraits... they are beautiful at any angle, maybe because they aren't self conscious and don't try too hard.
Kami, the Siberian Husky. I like this bluish look to the picture, it looks like he's in the evening snow.
Moon looking very attentive. She has this mustache look going on that's less than feminine. :)

I excused myself from the group and proceeded to play and photograph the two lovely dogs at the house with me. One was a Siberian Husky, called Kami (I have the feeling that this guy lacks affection and attention, but I might be wrong), and a miniature Schnauzer, named Moon. This lucky bitch was recently adopted by friends of mine and has been given a new lease of life (she wasn't so lucky with the previous owner, being confined, overfed and left alone most of the time). 

A note to all you would be owners of animals, please adopt. Don't buy pets... there are many lovely animals looking for new loving homes all the time. They aren't machines or toys, you don't need to get a 'brand new' one. It doesn't mean the more expensive or 'pedigree' your dog is, the more you get to share his 'royal' heritage. If you have pets, don't neglect them or mistreat them- you'll get your karma. 

Anyway, needless to say, I was happy to be able to find something creative to do for the rest of my visit. :) (Note to self: always bring a book, my ipad, my camera or some work with me everywhere I go.)

He might look like a wolf, but he's as friendly as they come.


  1. Quote: "She has this mustache look going on that's less than feminine"

    I think you have just hurt Moon's feelings. Sniff.


  2. Lovely pictures... Meaningful words~~ awesome blog post....

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys. @youdecidelor- Good thing moon doesn't read english!

  4. love the bluish shot of kami! does the weather in singapore get too hot for huskies? so many lovely dogs here in melbourne - unfortunately many that require special care end up at the RSPCA (huskies included!). would love to adopt a dog but can't at the moment, as am renting. :(