Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My Friend's house is way cooler than most.

Over my dark week away from the Festive Grand theatre (that's the theatre where I perform at, in case you guys were wondering. Oh, and a 'dark' week is a term used in the performance world when there are no shows.)... where was I, oh yea, I took full use of my time away from work to catch up with some friends that I have not seen in a long time. I think I haven't seen them in a year! The great thing is, with some people,  even a year away from them doesn't seem so long at all. We have conversations and everything with no semblance of a time lapse in our friendship. I like it when I'm connected to my old friends like that. There are some people that I can think of that have changed so much ever since we were in school that I don't even recognize them anymore, when we chat, we have nothing in common and it almost feels like we're from different solar systems. They've become, for lack of a better word, robotically lame. They've become 'uncles'.

Fortunately, these friends of mine aren't 'Uncle' yet, they bought an apartment together (they're a couple, I'm gonna call em Davy and Starla) and have finally completed renovations and have settled in. I paid them a visit in their new home and it was beautiful, it was oozing with cool. Most definitely a vast leap from the regular apartments that I visit that newly wed couples put together that I find either hideous or boring as hell.

First off, he had a doormat that said 'GO AWAY' which cracked me up, instantly. I didn't even have to call to check, this was surely his house. They didn't have a regular key lock, they had a thumbprint identification access lock! No keys!! I definitely gotta get one of those when I buy my property.  Erm, I have to point out, Davy is a lot like me, we might look like grown up adult men (or at least we'd like to think that) but we're really just big kids. We still love toys, movies and anything cool. I have lots of friends like him. This post is mostly just about how fragging cool the stuff in this house is.

This isn't Davy's mat, I forgot to take a picture of it. But it's the same design. Nice!!
I'm not very good at the whole however many square foot whatever kind of apartment information but it was the kind of apartment that had no windows at the sides, it was front door and then no windows all the way to the end of the apartment. This meant that there was loads of wall space for posters. Davy's an avid poster collector and he has a rather nifty collection. His house is nowhere near enough to display even half of them. I think I might be able to have him put some in my future apartment, no sense in letting beautiful artwork stay hidden in the storeroom. 
This is one awesome, fun apartment! Books, posters, a TV, blu rays, ps3, what more do you need?!

I took pictures of a couple of my favourite posters on their walls...
Really romantic. Till the end of the world.
This bride of Frankenstein is riding a missile in the buff!

This was supposed to be a first of a series of 6. Its characters from the Chinese Horoscope fighting each other. Each character is illustrated by a different artist. I really like the rabbit in this one, he means business.
A beautiful graphic poster of a Luchador.
This poster of a Luchador wrestler with a sacred heart brings back good memories. Davy and I are two of few people that I know who absolutely love Nacho Libre, a film with Jack Black as a priest in training that dreams of being a Luchador. That is, a mexican wrestler who fights in Lucha Libre. Anyone who's looking for a funny film to just relax to, definitely pick this up. Not for those who take themselves too seriously.

This Old school Medical skeleton look looks so good with the doodle style red heart
I kept trying to imagine what the speech bubble was saying.

 Damn, even the door stopper in this house is really neat!

A Gold bar door stopper. Stuff like this really makes me smile. It's as big as the real McCoy.

Oh, there's someone else who lives in this Apartment- Judas Hellboy, the cat.(It should be Judie now cos' we found out she was a girl but the name stuck..) 

Judas was really wary of me and watched me from her perch for a long time.

Judas, all grown up and lucky to be alive,

Some of you guys would have heard of Judas through my facebook page or something but for those of you who don't, Judas was a newborn kitten that my cousin found at her void deck. Judas was all alone with no other kittens or a mother in sight. My cousin took her home but had no clue how to hand raise a new born kitten so she called me. Long story short, I nursed the newborn till she opened her eyes, taught her to eat, pee and poop. 

The very first day that Judas was found. Curled up, eyes closed, pretty much helpless to everything. She was smaller than my palm.
Making sure Judas gets her nutrition, I really thought she might die. I remember she was really stubborn about the pooping at first. I've hand raised 4 kittens and I'm proud to say that all 4 have survived the ordeal and grew to be big, strong cats.

Davy and Starla adopted her and she's grown to be a very large, wild and naughty cat. No kidding. She is a fierce one.
The first day that I brought Judas to Davy and Starla. Starla had a pen all set up for her.
Judas had a pretty lucky upbringing with Starla, she gets really spoilt and pampered. Something that my animals never get. It's military style rules all the time.
Judas patrolling the grounds making sure I'm not up to funny business.

 Enough about Judas, going back to the apartment. There were a couple of toys here and there that were just a joy to look at. Toys give me pleasure! That sounds a little wrong to your dirty minded pervos, but they do. I love looking at toys. It's like admiring art, to me. I have quite a few, I might do a post about them next time.

I gave Davy these Futurama toys years ago for his birthday, I'm happy to see they have a place to stand and be admired.
Bender from Futurama watches over the DVD collection
This star wars machine( I don't know what it's called, I'm not much of a star wars fan) is humongous. It comes up to my knee in height.
I've never, in my life. Seen a cooler Tissue box holder. It is made of die cast metal and is really heavy! At least 3kgs! Davy lugged it all the way back from Australia years ago.It looks like it's part of Spinal Tap's stage prop. Really nice!

This lovely poster adorns the head of the lovebirds' bed. Dinosaur bones, another one of my favourite things.
The crowning glory of the house in my opinion is yet to be unfinished, Davy and his friend saw a design of a pixelated skull on the internet and decided to build a coffee table of the same design. They designed it on Autocad, bought the wood, got it cut to sized, assembled it all by themselves. It hasn't been painted yet. But it is really a work of art. I love it when people make things, if only I had the space. I would build so many props and animatronics for the house.

Here it is, freshly made and freshly glued,
Here is the pixelated skull coffee table in Davy's house.Can't wait to see how it looks after it's sanded and painted.
That was my visit to Davy, Starla and Judas' beautiful apartment. Hope you enjoyed the tour and thanks to the two of them for letting me take pictures of all their cool stuff.

Davy, with his full sized desert weathered Stormtrooper helmet.


  1. wow! that's really so cool! this is what u can do when u hv a place of your own. cheers! :)

  2. nice blog! didn't realise you started one. yup, its really nice to able to decorate your very own apartment. am sure you've got lots of cool stuff to fill yours when you get one!

    the star wars machine is an AT-AT. check out this youtube which is pretty hilarious!