Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Bird watching!!

Ornithology is the study of Birds. That's the subject of  this post.
For you guys who came here to have a glimpse at pieces of human 'chicks'... maybe next time. Okay, I'll just throw in one girly picture to satisfy your needs for internet girl ogling.

The Stunning Dita Von Teese.

Photographing animal portraits is an interest of mine. Firstly, I love animals,...  love how they always look so perfect and absolutely gorgeous in their own skin- in today's case. It's not skin, it's feathers. One day, I decided on a whim to zoom to the Singapore Bird Park for a break (it beats a stroll in the park because I get to admire the lovely creatures and their lovely... I think is the right word is, plumage.)

I got there at 5pm and had just enough time to take a couple of pictures and got chased out by the park warden at 6.10pm for snooping around becuase they close at 6pm. Note to self: if you decide to pay entry, make it worthwhile and go early, you fool!

The Penguin Classics

"I put on my best suit but I'm stuck in this damned enclosure"

"Bill, i don't think it's called 'Flying' if we stay on the ground..."

Even Birds need personal space.

I love this shot. He was bolting to catch the fish and I snapped it! Hi five.

A Really Well Sculpted Statue

When I saw this statue, I thought it was so creepy and big.

When he turned all of a sudden, I freaked out!

Dead Parrot Sketch

These parrots aren't stone dead! They're resting!
If you didn't get my joke, you have to watch this classic Monty Python "Dead Parrot" Sketch! Funny!

The Old Guards

"This Old man, He played one"

These guys were fighting for fish! Crazy feeding frenzy.

"Brylcreem suits me best!"
New Life

What's cuter than 3 ducks swimming together?

More ducks swimming in a straight line!

The Supermodels of the Bird Park

These Flamingos are sure to rule the runway with their slim long necks and legs

I love this expressive Emu!

 This quizzical Ostrich is probably the original Big Bird. He's really cute.

"Vogue, Vogue, Strike a pose and let your body move to the music... Hey Hey Hey!"

The Dinosaur Descendant

There's no denying how closely related this gorgeous Cassowary is to the dinosaurs.

 The Russian Ballet Inspiration

The Big Black Swan. Ballet, anyone?

I was really looking forward to seeing the lovely owls but I missed them. The owl sanctuary was bolted and locked by the time I found it.,better luck next time. Not a problem though, there are so few places where I can enjoy the beauty of nature's animals that I'm quite sure I will be returning soon.

The Keepers of the Bird Park! Hardworking, nature lovin folk.

Thanks for the good hour and a half, Birdies! You guys were really cooperative models. (The real Birds, not the humans, I mean.)

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