Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Geeking out at the STGCC '11

Hello Stereo- fiends, I don't know how many of you who read my online musings are toy fans like myself, so if you're not, become one and tell your toy collector geeko friends to read my blog! I'd love to hear from more like minded people with the same tastes, activities and hobbies. I love geeking out with other fans!
The Great Big Marvel Wall panels. I'm now more of a Vertigo/DC reader but I grew up with lotsa Marvel!

I think the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) has been going on for years now, and I'm proud to say I haven't missed a single one. Although I must say, I go there just to soak up the atmosphere and see what's out there. I enjoy looking at the toys, comics and all that and admiring the many fans that turn up in costumes. I love that people have such passion for pop culture! I'm not hard core enough to line up for the exclusive toys, also. I'm not that kind of collector. I'm more of a bargain hunter. See old blog post Toy Break = Good break. I never buy something unnecessary (toys go in that category) unless it's a steal.

I have to say that since the very first STGCC, the event has gotten consistently better. Not really bigger, but better. Presentation has improved, organization looks better, quality of toys has also increased- Good Job! Although, I have progressively found lesser good bargains, I think they must have cleared all their Sales stock in the first year. 
Looking really goofy back in 2008. The 1st STGCC with Star war villains!
A display case from STGCC '08. Like the Xenomorph figures on the left.
This is one weird toy. I had to take a pic. Turned out blurry, apologies.

Given that the Singaporean toy/ comic community is really quite small, it's hard to see a mass increment in vendors and therefore stuff but every year is good fun for me. I particularly enjoy looking at all the courses that are available for people interested in animation, the indie comics and the artists that get a booth to showcase their work. Amonst all the animation/ art course booths, The one from Lasalle caught my eye the most, more on that later.

I love my skull bandana, at a place like this, nobody gives me weird stares.

Mickey Vinyl Variant paintings. Not my thing but I appreciate the interpretations.

Fine Art gets a comic spin.  There was a section with Fine Art for sale. They were really nicely done. I like this Wolverine piece. His knuckles are jutting out and the mirrors for claws are a good idea. Gotta love Mixed media.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Lovely portrait painting. Note the Peace symbol.

A really cool painting of a pregnant Mystique from X Men.

 A solemn aged Captain America, I really like the realism style shift outside of the window.

Nintendo's Favourite mascots Mario and Luigi stop by to say hi.

The Wall of classic posters. I came in the right tee shirt! See the Jack Nicholson Joker in the top left?

Hard Core fans! These guys are serious about their costumes, yo! The iron man had a chest and a palm that lighted up, just like the real thing! The Predator costume was real cool too. These guys must have went trhough hell and high water to get these made. I asked them for a photo and they kindly obliged. I read that the real stunt guys in the predator suits for the movies are over 7 feet tall! Giants!

Rat Fink!! Lovely piece. I didn't dare ask the price. Wouldn't mind having one of those in my apartment.

A really interesting take on Arnie as the terminator. it's like a caricature.

Batman versus the Joker. A diorama based on the Dark Knight movie. I think it's made by Hot Toys.

As I mentioned earlier, the booth from Lasalle college of the arts (Singapore) stood out not just because their booth was big. They featured something that I'm really interested in- Stop Motion Animation (stuff like The Nightmare before Christmas, Wallace and Gromit, Creature Comforts). There many maquettes (clay sculptures) on display and they were mostly made by their many students in the animation course over the years. I went into their booth and started chatting with the very friendly people in the booth (they each animation in Lasalle.) I've since become friends with two of them and I hope we will be able to collaborate with them on some projects in the future, I've always wanted to lend my voice to animation. My secret ambition is to voice a character on The Simpsons but I think that's a little far off for now. I got some tips from Chris about sculpting (I've always wanted to improve my sculpting ability- as of now I still stay in the amateur realm- see here.) and not only that, he showed me a quick demo of the 3D sculpting program called Maya. I dare not even touch that software, it looks way too complex! They program and design a lot of video game characters on it (God of War 3 for example). 

Kratos from God of war 3 What I'd give to sculpt like that.

Maquette from Lasalle's animation course
Sculpting is such a beautiful thing.

Chris from Lasalle giving me the royal tour.
A couple of weeks later I actually attended a masterclass about sculpting maquettes taught by an industry professional. His work is amazing! (Big thanks to Chris for giving me the heads up!), - but that's a story for another time. Until next time, Stereo- fiends!

I couldn't leave without buying at least one item from the STGCC '11, but there really weren't many good deals that interested me. So I settled for a nice little display Batman Bobble head. He now perches very heroically on my television, ready to punish evil at all times.
"Now, if I tried to jump from here... would I be able to land safely?"


  1. I'm totally jealous that you guys got a picture with Mario and Luigi. I LOVE THEM!

    And I love how Batman sits perched on your TV. Heh.

  2. I wasn't too stoked about Mario and Luigi but I love Batman perched on my TV. He's making sure no one steals my dvds!