Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Museum of Horrors 2011

Hail, Stereo fiends! Yesterday, the "Life in Stereo" Team was invited by the good people behind the "Museum of Horrors" to experience what they had to offer. I guess they were pretty happy to hear that Mildred (the host of the Across the Universe segment on the podcast) picked their exhibition as her Halloween activity recommendation choice. I got the email and we made time to head down to SCAPE for what turned out to be a frightful good time.

Taken from their press release "The Museum of Horrors is Singapore’s biggest walk-in exhibition of classic Hollywood horror movie scenes and legendary horror folklore returns with all new monsters, new levels of terror and also debuts Asia’s 1st 3-D Creepy FunHouse, experienced with special 3-D glasses!"
Skulls! I am going to get me one of these for my collection.

I don't want to give too much away here and ruin the experience for those of you that decide to go but will let the pictures do the talking. There was a really good atmosphere, nice actors (super professional and knew not to go too far when patrons got too scared), I had a couple of good startles! There were plenty of nice dioramas to look at while the eerie soundscape sounds were playing in the background. It was a definite plus that photos were not an issue, no flash photography which is absolutely fair. The flashes would spoil the mood of the place, anyway. Think about this place like kind of a Horror Madame Tussaud's but with more fun. Given our lack of Horror events in Singapore. This might be a great start to something more in the future. I'd love to see that. Hell, I'd love to be a part of that. :)

One of the many creepy dioramas.
Scream! It's Ghostface!
A scary good time with Linda Blair!
Not quite the reaction she was expecting from us but I think it was a nice change from the screaming.
Horse Face, one of the characters from chinese myths and folklore.
Mildred's a definite candidate to be the bride of Chucky.

For me, Museum of Horrors definitely worth it's price tag. Ticket prices are the lowest in town at only $19 during off-peak season and at only $22 during the Halloween Weekend. A little hint to the fellas, this might be a good place for you to bring your girl for a Halloween date but don't get more freaked out than she does! Click here for details.

Here's me with Conrad, one of the organizers of the museum of Horrors. Good Job!

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