Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Podcast Episode 02: "Wicked Good"

Greetings Stereo Fiends!!!With Halloween creeping up in less than a week, Epidsode 2 of the 'Life In Stereo' Free Podcast is filled with Fright filled activities, books, movies and music for you to check out. Plus a very special interview with the genius behind feature films "A Month of Hungry Ghosts" and "Haunted Changi", Tony Kern. Click here to download or for the less tech savvy, instructions are below.

1) Go to my website
2) Click on 'Podcast'
3) Scroll down and click the episode you want
4) Let the podcast load up (This might take a couple of minutes depending on your connection, the show is more than an hour long so be patient)
 5) Click the "Play" button on the player after it's finished loading to Enjoy!

This is what the player looks like after it's loaded and playing. Click the 'downward facing' arrow at the right end to "Save as source" & you have the mp3 file for your ipod/ mp3 player! Easy? Easy.

NOW, At this point, you can either choose to continue streaming the podcast and listen to it online OR download it onto your computer as an mp3 file for future listening and also for transfer into your Ipods, mp3 players, thumb drives and whatnot!

1) To Stream it from your computer just click the play button as mentioned in step 5 (above)
2) To Download into your computer- Click the arrow pointing downwards at the right end of the Quicktime player bar. You should see an option that says "Save As Source". Click that and you can save the podcast anywhere you like on your computer. :)
If you face any problems, it's probably because I'm currently hosting my website on apple's mobile me service and my subscription will end next June. I have heard that sometimes mobile me gets a little bit slow and possibly problematic but changing hosting sites would mean lots of cash to hire web designers and web hosting server space. I'll deal with that next year, when I have to. Unless anyone out there has better ideas/ suggestions.

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