Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Wildlife expedition, well kind of.

A Day at the The Singapore Zoo

I'm personally quite shocked by the recent bad press that surrounded the new CEO of Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Isabella Loh. She had canned the Halloween Horrors at the Night Safari, because the establishment should not 'worship the devil'. Pity, I think 'Isabella' is a beautiful name. Well, looks like it's one step forward and two steps back for a more open minded Singaporean mainstream entertainment scene in the near future. I guess while I'm on the subject, I should mention that I am of the belief that the seventh month and all it's practices and traditions should be preserved and promoted as a unique cultural practice in Singapore. It's something we have that other people around the world don't!

Anyway, the point of this long overdue post is that a couple of months ago I took a trip to the Singapore Zoo and had a pretty good day off. It's one of my favourite tourist attractions in Singapore and I try to make at least an annual visit. I've had nice memories of that place ever since I can remember. This time round, I was armed with my Canon and ready to capture some 'wildlife' photography. I just love how beautifully created and designed these creatures are. Absolutely perfect.

This guy was really welcoming. He was the first thing we saw after we crossed the barricades.

 I have a deep respect for Crocs. (The reptile not the God awful footwear.) These guys are designed to keep the food chain in order!

I cannot help but hear Disco Boogie music looking at her massive 'fro.

Just look at their perfect little baboon faces! They lead an existence that's socially very similar to ours, some really interesting studies have been made regarding their social hierarchical structure and ours in the research of Stress and how stress causes very real health problems.  Go watch National Geographic's "Stress- Portrait of a killer." I learned a lot from that documentary film.

These affectionate little monkeys, literally!

 As we crept up to see this group of mongoose, one of them spotted us and alerted the gang of our intrusion. I managed to get the shot of the second dude from the left giving his "Wake up guys!" call.

A couple of 'Sentries' stood up, alert and ready. They also looked so fragging adorable, although I'm aware that's not their intention. Managed to snap one fesity fella on his two feet.

All Hail, Heavy Metal! I couldn't help but think of all the crazy demonic imagery with the ram's head and all that 666 pentagram nonsense when I came across his very hungry Billy Goat. Nothing satanic about this guy here. He was chewing off his enclosure for crying out loud! This guy was absolutely adorable.

"Mmmm... Black Metal Hay?" This lovely smile turned into peals of laughter when Jen discovered what the Billy was eating.

There was this holiday I took with my parents to I can't remember where when I was a child and there was this huge garden maze, over sized chess board, and a garden full of these beautifully made Topiaries (I had to look up the word). It could have been a World Expo or something. These beautifully shaped 'statues' of grass made an enormous impression on me and ever since then, I've always wanted to one day own a home with garden space big enough for at least 2 of these humongous topiaries. A T-Rex and a King Kong would be nice. One can dream. I was happy to see that the Zoo had two of them. A Giraffe and a Mouse/Rat. The Tim Burton Film, "Edward Scissorhands had some really amazing ones in there.

I want one!!!
 I'm not sure if there are any Blackadder fans reading this but this Rat topiary makes me think of the mad man in a cell that said "Mr Rat! Good Morning, Mr Rat!" Lol.

 This is pretty much a dream come true for me...

If I had the money and the space, I would definitely grow one of these. Hmm, I wonder if I can start making them myself. Note to self, possible future hobby project.

 The orchid shot has such brilliant colors. I love my 60D.
Obviously, these aren't my hands.

Giraffes are so elegant, they belong on the runway. Look at their stubby horns. Their sheer height makes me think of dinosaurs, and I love Dinos!

Man, I waited a long time to capture this African Sprinter with the tear stained face.Gorgeous creature.

I used to love staring at the clouds from the window in my parents room. You know, how clouds can look like stuff. Sitting on a bench, I saw 'Puff the Magic dragon' in the sky. His head's on the left, he's got a long S shaped neck, and chunky body.

I went on and on about the clouds and how beautiful they were and Jen dozed off, as usual.
"Long live Love, Long live Rock and Roll."

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