Thursday, 1 December 2011

No Choice But To Stray

Most people like new things, in Materialistic Singapore, even more so. Most of us see second hand things as inferior, we are not a country of recycling or yard sales. Needless to say, this applies to the animals we keep. All animals are beautiful, stray or not. I believe they are all innocent, unlike us. The evil we are capable of as a species, frankly, I find quite embarrassing.

Born on the Streets.

The animals with good homes are lucky, the one's who have to fend for themselves in an urban city full of cars, buildings and possible abusive weirdos, less lucky. I'm a strong supporter of adoption and giving abandoned animals a home, they'll stay really loyal, trust me on this one. I do not, however, support buying pets from the pet stores.

A Re-homed Labrador.
I've met many 'dog nazis' who'll "only buy the best, closest to standard pedigree dogs from a line of show 'champions'", not for showing or personality traits, but just so they can brag about it. After a conversation with them, I often conclude it's to compensate for their lack of confidence and personality. They're usually the same people who must buy the most expensive of anything, for no other reason other than "it's the best they have." Losers.

This pretty calico was really posing for me.
Look at those eyes!

Christmas is fast approaching and I really do hope people don't start going to the pet stores with the intention of buying a puppy or a kitten as a gift for someone who isn't ready for that kind of commitment that a pet demands. Often, children and busy families are not ready for the needs of a pet and they end up on the streets or dumped somewhere, Note to parents: Dumping another life because it becomes an inconvenience is probably not a good lesson to teach your children. They might do the same when you become an old 'inconvenience'.

That being said, if you are ready to share your life with anew furry friend and wanna reap the wonderful rewards of being a responsible pet owner, don't buy a pet. Do a good deed and look at animal shelters first, you might find your new best friend there. Never say, never. There are a couple of animal shelters in the country and one of them has reached out to me to help spread the word about an upcoming adoption drive that they are putting together. It's something I'd gladly do. It's hosted by "Gentle Paws and Friends" (They're privately owned and Non profit). You can find out more from their website here.

The pictures in this post are mostly of strays, ex strays or re-homed pets that I've met over the past couple months and aren't camera shy. Tell me these guys aren't beautiful! Well, you know what, don't. I'll say you're insane and unfriend you on facebook.

Waiting to cross the road.

As his owner, You're all he's got.

Call of the wild.
His bigger brother. (this guy isn't a stray, he's a real wold one (I didn't take this picture)
This Dog has eyebrows! A stray in a new loving home.
Mixed breeds are handsome too
She's one of the friendliest strays I've ever met.
I've never met a stray as playful as her.
She was very shy, this one.
Regal looking stray male, looked intimidating but was pretty curious of my camera

My ex- abandoned/ abused friend, he's the most loyal and obedient dog I know.
Mixed breed and proud of it.

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