Sunday, 22 January 2012

Famous Monster Endorsements

I guess by now, you all know that I'm maniacally mad about monsters. As I was putting songs into my new mp3 player, I dropped my old one on the street a few days back. Damn it!! ROAR!! Anyway,  I decided to look at some old Godzilla videos. This led me to finding many an awesome monster ad! Here's some really fun, funny, creative ones. Man! I'd love to work on stuff like this. Isn't it just great seeing your favourite monsters sell products?

What Majesty!!! Godzilla is just grand.

This Chewits monster from the 1980s is very, very cute! There's a whole range of these ads.

The Chewits Muncher gets a makeover in the 90s

This Old Man Skeleton sings a funky song for an old Scotch Brand ad. Excellent!

These Milk commercials made me laugh out loud like a crazy person when i was alone.

This one has a King Kong type monster with junior

Ad for Resident evil 4... Zombies... Obviously!

King Kong Volkswagen commerical

Loch ness

Frankenstein's Monster

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