Friday, 27 January 2012

My Lovely Lady Crushes

Growing up as an only child, I was weaned very much on movies. My father was a big movie fan and I spent many nights watching video tapes with him and many mornings being late for school. There was no censorship in my house. I was watching lots of Rated R movies before I hit the legal age. Here are some of the women from the silver screen that I enchanted young me and took my breath away. I loved how how they carried themselves and how they've aged. I guess you could do a psycho- analysis on me with this info if you wanted to. ;) Of course, I know these women don't care what I think of them but at least, it's all praises, eh?
I've always had a thing for nice muscle tone, Fitness is always important.
Sharon Stone- This brainy lady was the my dream woman for a long time. Her look in Basic Instinct and Casino (The first half, it went downhill once she went psycho and cut her hair!) cemented the fact that I liked the ladies in dresses.

Elvira- Mistress of the dark. The combination of horror, slinky black dress, smoky eyes, comedic wit and those great big blinkers (by that I mean, EYES) make her a winner in my book. 

I've been meaning to buy this toy but I have been resisting the urge,
Gong Li- She's very asian and very stunning. Her filmography and body of work speaks for itself. I admire how she's stayed relevant for so long.

For me, she stole the show in Memoirs of a Geish

Kelly Hu- I have to admit, I haven't really followed her career nor do I know anything about her. But when I first saw her in The Scorpion King- Holy cow. I was blown away., by her looks, obviously. I confess, I can be a pretty shallow guy.  In that costume, she made an impression!

The Scorpion King was a pretty bad movie but she made it watchable
Michelle Pfeiffer- This lady is super sexy. From the time I first saw her in Batman returns, then Scarface and even recently in Stardust. I really dig her style, she's aged very graciously and has brains to boot. I love her speaking voice.
Older but Still smoking hot in stardust
Pfeiffer in Scarface- Awesome flick.
Winona Ryder- This Bad girl with an angel face looks better with age.

The Pink Flare Girl- This lovely business woman/fashionista created and runs the very successful with me. She does most of the work, designing her own clothes and sourcing for the beautiful things on the online store. I just butt in and annoy her with my opinions. She's just great and I love her to bits. Of course, I'm a little biased.


I'm the Pink Flare Catalogue Photographer!
A lot of people always ask me what I find attractive in a female. The first impression is always about how she carries herself, after that it's all about values, a strong personality, backbone, toughness all mixed up with a good dose of fun and femininity. I've never liked girls that wanted to be princesses, I've always loved women that could get their hands dirty. I'm quite very fussy. I know. :)

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