Thursday, 2 February 2012

My Aging Companion

My Dog's been with me for more than six years now, I adopted him when he was almost 3 years old and he's been nursed back to health, grown stronger and more affectionate, He's a perfect dog. No temper, no barking and always patient, stoic and tolerant. Over the last year as I see him age, I'm starting to prepare myself for the inevitable. He's still active but he runs a little slower, he gets winded quicker and his muzzle is turning grey. One day in the next few years, he will leave this world, I'll find a way to preserve him not just in my memory but maybe I'll preserve his remains as well. Creepy but hey, he's my best friend. I want him to be with me all the time.

Photo credit goes to my buddy, Ernesto Borges.

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