Monday, 26 March 2012

Eternal Fanboy- Part One

My friends, my stereo fiends... It's been a long time since I've found the time to post anything. It seems that because I'm at a major crossroads of my life and career (more on that in another post , perhaps...) things like blogging and other needless things just do not become a priority for me.  Anyway, I do hope all of you are well and doing just fine. Thanks for the constant emails and Facebook messages to my page.

I've always been a big fanboy. I've plenty of respect for people who've moved me with their talents and what they've been able to achieve despite the odds. If you don't know who they are, or what they've done , I've included some titles you can buy to check out their work! It's worthwhile. I swear.

Myles Kennedy- Alter bridge Frontman, Ex Mayfield Four Frontman. Toured with Slash for Slash's Solo record and worked with the famous Axman on his second solo release coming out very soon! This guy looks great, sounds great, plays a mean guitar, technically, he SINGS AMAZING and kicks butt onstage. He had a cameo in the MarkWahlberg movie "Rockstar". I love that movie. 

Buy: Alter bridge's "Black Bird" album and Slash's "Made in Stoke" concert DVD. I saw the Blu Ray in Gramaphone at Takashimaya last week for less than $30. It's a steal, people!!

Jean Claude Van Damme- Karate Champ turned action movie star. I was raised on his movies.
Thank you, Papa for bringing home Bloodsport on VHS! He was my childhood hero. He inspired me to take up martial arts and that led me to fencing and an all round active lifestyle. I was very sorry to find out when I grew up that he was blacklisted from Hollwood and suffered from a major bipolar disorder. He's the guy that brought John Woo into Hollywood for goodness sake!

 Recently, I saw JCVD. A film loosely based on his life. It had him speaking in his native french and it was a work of art. I urge everyone to watch this film. It is part action film, part action, part art film and I've never seen Jean Claude Van Damme do such a good job with acting. Even my girl who always rolls her eyes when I bring up Jean Claude Van Damme said it was really good after watching it (Yes, I like to force people I'm close to to watch stuff I'm into). Get it! Trust me. It's very worth it.

Buy: "Blood Sport", "Hard Target" and "JCVD"

A weathered Jean Claude Van Damme in JCVD- Wonderful movie.

JCVD trailer and short review-

Dave Gahan- Frontman of Depeche Mode.

This guy on stage, he's pure charisma. I'm very proud that I have the same vocal tone as he does, most of the people in music see our rich, low registers as a bane in the world of rock and roll. "Why can't you scream and hit all those Hi notes?!!". Reply is actually, "Because I'm born with thicker bassier vocal cords, you idiot." 

My world was never the same after I heard Depeche Mode. If you think all they've done is 80s music, you're dead wrong, They are still around and very much kicking. I know it's kinda lame but I would love to be part of a Depeche Mode tribute band. He's changed my mindset about frontmen so much for me and gave me the confidence that our voice types isn't a negative and actually, very rare and sought after by some people. Thank you, Mister Gahan.
Buy a live concert DVD. "Live in Milan", "Touring the Angel" or "Tour of the Universe". They are all just great.

Rob Zombie- This ex frontman of White Zombie, later launched a very successful solo career and became a feature film director. 

His career is one I hope to emulate. From writing songs to dirceting his own music videos. He managed to bring the horror niche to the mainstream! He's working on a new movie called the Lords of Salem. The man even directed a commercial for washing detergent "Woolite". That's what I call breaking down walls of stereotypes. 

Here's the Woolite Ad, called the "Torturer" . Funny stuff!

Here's the making of the "Woolite" Ad
I have so much respect for this guy! I know he puts on a crazy live show but he's never released a live DVD so I hope and pray that I'll get to watch him live one day and maybe, Dare I say It? Work with the guy!!

Buy "Hellbilly Deluxe" 1 and 2 h is "Greatest Hits", and "House of 1000 Corpses", "Halloween" remake and "The Devils Rejects". 

Alice Cooper- The Father of Shock Rock. Frontman of Alice Cooper. 

I first saw him in Wayne's World the movie where he sang, "Feed My Frankenstein". My dad took me to the cinema to watch it. Changed my life. This guy broke down walls, introduced horror and stage theatrics to rock n roll. Fought alcoholism with a golf addiction and made me wanna put a touch of horror in everything I do as well.  Without him, there'd be no KISS, no Marilyn Manson and no Rob Zombie, GASP!!! BOW DOWN. WE"RE NOT WORTHY.

Buy his "Definitive Alice Cooper", album, his biography "Golf Monster"  (available on audio book and in paperback) and his latest studio release "Welcome 2 My Nightmare".

LUCKY ME. I was star struck and tongue tied.

Bono- Frontman of U2. Real life Irish superhero who's trying to save the world.
Old old photo of Bono.
When I first started out with my band, All I started out with was pretty much bad Bono impressions. I tried to wear what he wore, posed how he posed and sang how he sang, it was ridiculous. Soon after, I realised there was little point in trying to be Bono as there was already one of him around and I couldn't be better at being him than he was. LOL. Big influence on me as a young singer. Thanks to my cousin, Sebastian who lent me his copy of "The Joshua Tree".

Buy: U2's Greatest hits. There are two albums spanning different decades and any concert DVD that was directed by Hamish Hamilton.

AC/DC- Balls to the Wall Rock Band from Oz.

Angus Young, Rock God.
I was in Secondary 2, after school I went over to my classmate Isaac's house (I think) to watch the Monsters of Rock '91 concert in the Soviet Union on VHS. That day, I left a different person. Watching Metallica and ACDC on that video hit me hard. These people played music that spoke to me. They are what Rock and Roll's all about for me. I've been a fan since and I went all by my solo to watch the Rock Gods by myself in the Wembley Stadium years after. 

Buy their Live Concert "ACDC Live At Donington" It's available in Blu ray, that should be sweet to watch.
That's Frontman Brian Johnson singing on stage!!!
Worth every penny. Easily one of the happiest days of my life.

Bruce Lee- Fast kicking, High pitched yelling martial arts superstar/ Philosopher. Gone too soon.

CRAZY muscles. It's a full time job/ commitment to look like that.
This guy changed the world. Not just with his art and his talent but he changed the way the world perceived the "Yellow Man". Go Asian pride. Bruce Lee. He's the man. 
Beautiful Statue of Bruce Lee in HongKong.
Buy "Enter the dragon", that's the stuff right there. 
Also watch "How Bruce Lee Changed the World" by the History Channel. (I've attached the whole documentary below) You'll have no choice but to show massive respect to the martial arts legend.

The HISTORY channel's "How Bruce Lee Changed the World"

Rob Thomas- Frontman of Matchbox Twenty and Award Winning Solo singer/ Songwriter.

As I carved my fledgling singing career in the bars, pubs and clubs singing cover songs. A friend of mine asked me to try out some Matchbox Twenty Songs, I knew the singer from "Santana's "Smooth" but I never tried to sing their songs. I forgot who asked me to try it, but thank you! 

As I learned how to sing their songs and paid attention to the words, the lyrics, the catchy melodies, Matchbox quickly became one of my favourite radio friendly bands.
pictured with his lovely wife, Marisol.
Rob Thomas in particular really influenced the way I used my voice and his unique diction's something i deeply admire to this day. His voice sounds better and better with each record and even his solo stuff is pretty cool, different but cool.  I do hope they come out with a new album as a band.

Buy: "Mad Season", "More than you think you are" and his first solo album, "Something to be"

 I realize I actually have a whole bunch of other people that I consider Heroes but I've spent WAY too much time blogging than I had planned. I've gotta leave it as that for now. I gotta run and I'll see you around!  


  1. ok..maybe cuz of the year i was born in but i actually only recognise Bono(cuz my dad listens to U2) and Rob Thomas(although the last song i heard by him was "Lonely Nomore" which, i have to say, was AGES ago..)kekeke :D

    1. You should check them all out. It's not always the new things that are good. Most of the time, the new things are very much influenced by the things that came before.

  2. One of the items on my bucket list is to watch U2 live in concert. Anywhere in the world (since the chance of them coming to Singapore is like, 0.01%).