Sunday, 13 May 2012

Live to Ride?

Before I got my driver's license, I've always rode a bike. I've always enjoyed the freedom that riding a motorcycle gives me, it's hard to describe, you just feel free. Riding a motorcycle in good weather is one of my favourite things. I've driven a van for about 8 years now and at the end of this year, it has to go to the Scrap yard. It's served me well but I might be saddling up on a steel horse once again. And this time, I'm probably gonna get a big one.

I've always wanted to ride a Harley, but I never did. It never felt right to try on another man's bike. It's too much of an invasion of privacy. This time, I just might get one, I figure I should ride one before I get too old and look like one of those "middle age crisis" men, riding a bike that has too much machismo for them.

This video, puts forth a convincing argument.

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