Thursday, 26 July 2012

Doll like things I covet

Goodness, I don't know why I can't grow out of my obsession with toys. Put me in an action figure/ sculpture/ figurine store and I will surely lose track of anything anyone is talking about. I am always impressed by these lifelike or bloody beautiful sculpts. They are all done by brilliant artists and very much a labour of love. I've tried to do some sculpting here and there and man, it's not an easy task.

There've been quite a few of these beauties that I'd love to own but hey, I can't just go buying everything that's cool now, can I?

Avatar Jake Sully Figure from Hot Toys

Look at how realistic the expression is!

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon this beauty while surfing the internet and good god it has not left my mind. Standing at about 18inches tall, I saw one for sale at a toy store the other day going for about S$300 but resisted the urge to buy it.
Beautiful detail in the hair.

It comes with a litte LED light up stand

ready for battle!

Bruce Lee 'Game of Death'

The most famous asian movie star ever. He's got a whole bunch of toys but this sculpt really caught my eye. I've got a friend, Nick who collects all kinds of Bruce Lee paraphernalia. I wonder if he's got this one.

 Poison Ivy Statue- Sideshow Collectibles

This is one good looking version of Poison Ivy. I wouldn't mind her gardening my plants at all.

Batman and Joker from the HUSH series by Real Action Heroes

I'm a big fan of the HUSH series of Batman. It was well written, with great artwork and an engaging read. Great crime comic. These two figures capture the look of the artwork from that comic series perfectly.


Joker from The Dark Knight: Hot Toys

The varying Heath Ledger head sculpts are just amazing. The talent, the dedication!

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