Sunday, 29 July 2012

Matchbox Twenty, Deadpool & The Walking Dead

Ok People, there's been a couple of things that's been getting me real excited... First off

Matchbox Twenty- She's So Mean

Matchbox Twenty is coming out with a new album! I'm such a big fan of these talented individuals. Rob Thomas has been a huge influence on me as a singer. And it's been way too long since they came up with fresh material! This first single "She's so Mean." sounds very much like it can garner lots of new fans. I hope this album works out well for them though, but with the state of record sales and reality of the music business... they might even do a tour and stop by our sunny shores!

Check out the official 'lyric' video below.

Deadpool- The Game.

The Fast talking, witty, mercenary from the Marvel Universe is gonna have his own game and it looks to be pretty fun. Not very much gameplay is seen in this video but the attitude and tone is very much set and it looks to be a lot of laughs and digital mayhem for the boys.

The Walking Dead Season 3

If you like comics you've probably heard of the comic series a long way back. The comics are beautifully drawn in black and white and it's a great thing to see an indie comic taking on such a life of it's own.

The creator, Robert Kurtzman is one lucky, talented guy. This comic series has exploded into a phenomenon with super high TV viewership, merchandising and even video games. BUT If you're not a comic fan but at least semi plugged into the TV world, you might probably have seen the DVDs for sale/rental in your local rental stores, HMV, Gramaphone or stores like that. This is not really a horror series. Yes, it has zombies but that's just part of the draw. It's just great drama. great characters, great effects and great acting. if you haven't seen season one and two. (They aren't long seasons anyway, the network wasn't sure if the series would take off so the first season was only 6 episodes or something like that). Season 3 is coming out real soon and the trailer looks just awesome. I know of anti horror chicks who've become fans of the show even. So boys, if you're looking for something to watch with the girls that isn't a chick flick, and girl's if you wanna show the boys that you aren't just a borinjg one dimensional chick lit lady, pop this into your dvd player. you won't regret it.That way, if we ever  meet... we can talk "The Walking Dead"!

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