Friday, 27 July 2012

Venomsaurus Rex!

There's not very much about the Venomsaurus Rex, except the fact that it looks awesome!

The Dinosuar appeared in a Marvel spinoff called 'Old Man Logan'. The Venom symbiote (which turns any living thing into a rabid but really cool force of alieness) spies on Logan bonds with a T-rex and attempts to destroy him.

In 2010, Sideshow Collectibles created a beautiful huge ass statue of this wonderfully conceptualized creature and the result is another thing I would like to add to my display cabinet.

WHAT A BEAUTY! RIGHT!? It's HUGE and it comes with an amalgamation of the venom symbiote as well.

painting the beast

SIDESHOW giving us their precious wisdom about how they create a beauty like this.

run for your lives!

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