Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Ghost Rider rides a Yamaha!

Hi sterofiends, It's been a crazy couple of months with lots of projects, pursuing a second degree and real work to be done so i haven't been able to blog as much as I would like to. I hope all of you are well.

I think, I'm a little slow with this news and yes, I know the ghost rider movies are considered quite crappy by critics. But these brainless movies are a guilty pleasure of mine.Being a big fan of big motorcycles and skulls, I just had to get the Ghostrider: spirit of Vengeance. The first movie was so crap but I must have seen it 5 times. LOL. 

I was surprised and happy to see that the Ghost rider has moved away from the custom chopper/ American motorcycle and now rides a big bad Yamaha VMAX!! The Ghost Rider's bike of choice from the second movie is Japanese, what a pleasant surprise! This is the power of globalization in action. The bike is a real beauty. Most Definitely, a bike that I would love to own.  VROOOM!
 I'm currently bike shopping and there are just so many big bad beautiful bikes to choose from!!

Of course, on the actual bike, flames aren't included. It's also prudent to wear a helmet.

As a stand alone, I think the Vmax is a work of art and as with all beautiful creations it has a cult following. Check out these beautifully made short films about how 3 expert bike custom shops create 'hper mods' of the vmax. Talk about improving on greatness! These 3 builders keep the essence of the vmax but put their own artistic twist on it.

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