Monday, 3 December 2012

These Boots were Made for Rockin'

We are what we wear and... these boots were made for ROCKIN'!


Every person is an individual. As individuals, we are all about self expression. It doesn't matter what you do for a living, we all have to need to be comfortable with who we are. What we wear is an expression of ourselves. It's not about expensive clothes or the latest trends... it's about identity. Our personal style is about who we are, what we're into and what we represent.

There comes a time, where every man needs a pair of shoes that shows the world who he is... and I have found mine in this crazy cool pair of boots. Honestly, I've never been a big fan of tailoring or made to measure stuff, well, mainly because I'm don't enjoy shopping or waiting. 

For a recent music video shoot for one of my new songs, 'Colours, Needles & Stories',  I had the great fortune to get acquainted with Diamond Walker Bespoke shoes (I wore one for the shoot, see?) I was floored when I saw the python skinned rock n roll boots that was brought in for the shoot. They were pure, old fashioned, rock n roll. 

a screen shot for the upcoming "Colours, Needles & Stories" Music Video.

another screen shot for "Colours, Needles & Stories' Music video.. Hence the posing.

Close up of the Pythons
Next thing I knew, I was in the shop getting my own personal pair made at their flagship store in China Square Central. LOL! I never had so much attention focussed on my feet. I wish I had a pedicure done or worn some super fancy socks before going down... 3 people fussing over the size of my feet!? A first for me.

Deock Jin (left) and Conrad (right)

Talking to the very knowledgeable and friendly owners (Victor, Conrad, Francis and Sunny) and Deock Jin (creative director & brainchild of Diamond Walker, he was in town for the store opening) I learned more about the art and craft that goes into making bespoke shoes. We bonded over chatting about rock n roll, shoes, art and all that wonderful stuff that makes the world go round. I learned that every individual shoe is made to measure, hand crafted from start to finish in Seoul, Korea. The material/colors and little details that you choose for your pair is completely customizable and no two shoes are exactly the same. That's the beauty of the hand made craftsmanship. Personalization. The shoes will be completely 'you'.

it's like a candy store but with shoes.. a shoe store? bad joke... sorry.
At their boutique, I was amazed by the range of styles that were offered. They had shoes & boots for every style and occasion. The styles ranged from classy, to casual, to hipster, to edgy. Low cuts, hi tops, two tones, pointy, loafers, all kinds! (Oh, I'm not paid by them to write this.)

All the specifications. Made to measure!

The beautiful Sunny and my new favourite boots
About a month getting my feet measured, oh yeah,  it also turns out I have perfectly symmetrical feet (a rare thing according to Diamond Walker) I got a call that my boots have arrived and goodness... they are pure heaven for me feet. They are super comfy, fit perfectly and absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to strut with them onstage. I never had a favourite pair of boots, before. Hot diggety, now I do! Drool before these bad ass, rock n roll boots that I think would also work well when I perform the jazz standards I love, too!

An interesting little bit of folklore about crocodile skinned shoes for you myth buffs like myself, It's a Korean belief (in the old days, at least), that wearing leather from two different crocodiles on your feet (one for each side) was a symbol of royalty or high social standing and they were seen as your personal 'guardians', said to bring you protection and good fortune. Nice, huh? 

Close up Details

They strike a pose too.
Check out Diamond Walker's website and facebook page, if you're looking for a new pair of shoes to pamper yourself with a divine, bespoke experience.

My new boots, my happy feet & me.

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