Thursday, 27 June 2013

Behind The Scenes part 2: Colours, Needles & Stories

I hope everyone here is looking forward to the weekend. Me, I've been busy rehearsing for my virgin gig at AQUANOVA Clarke Quay, working on my new website, making the final edits to the music video and checking on the final mix for my upcoming song, "Colours, Needles and Stories." Last week, I posted a little preview to this music video that I shot and cut.  Here's more!

The music video and the song will be out 1st July 2013! I'll be giving out the song free via if you sign up for the mailling list, don't worry, no spam!

My buddy Ernesto who helped me shoot the moving vehicle secnes.
This was shot before I quit smoking, Smoke breaks were precious!

Toshi checking up on our GOPRO cam
Ernesto checking up on our other GOPRO cam
The lovely Louise from Galaxy Tattoo 2
Boss man Niccku of Galaxy Tattoo 2 sketching while we set up the shot
Augustine, head honcho of GimmeloveTattoo. Sick Japanese style artist.
June from Gimmelove sketching. Check out her candy sleeve, it's awesome.
A funny little sign from one of the shops, LOL.
Jaws, boss man of Johnny Two Thumb Tattoo hard at work.
Elson, Think Tattoo checking on his tattoo machine
Lionel of Black Temple Tattoo tattooing fellow artist and buddy, Elvin from Elvin Tattoo.
Elvin of Elvin Tattoo was in a good mood when we shot that day.
Lionel of Black Temple making a kissy face while he inks

I really hope you enjoy the song and the video when you hear it. :)

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