Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Digital and Music Matters + Music Matters Academy 2013

It's been a long while since I've blogged regularly, but have no fear! If you enjoy reading my blog, I have made it a matter of priority (now that I'm done with the lessons and assessments for my music degree at LASALLE) to blog regularly once again!

Let's see, what have I done over the last couple of weeks... I performed all my new songs to a wonderful audience of friends, family and music lovers together with PennyLane at a special showcase (BIG THANKS TO THOSE OF YOU WHO CAME DOWN & BIG THANKS TO THOSE OF YOU WHO SIGNED UP FOR THE MAILING LIST! I HAVE A LITTLE PRESENT FOR YOU COMING SOON!)... I attended Music Matters 2013, I performed one of my new songs, "Maybe Tonight" acoustic for COLAB: the LASALLE graduation show, I had a birthday and I have had a couple of production meetings which will translate into me recording and releasing some of my songs, so... they are very important, and some meetings that will give me the ability to pay my bills, also very important.

Music Matters Sponsor wall.

Music Matters was a week long of music, conferences, discussions, mentor sessions and hanging out, It was great fun. I really enjoy meeting all the other SGMUSOs and creatives.. it's really nice to talk to people who have the same passion that I do. I made new friends and I got to hang out with old friends... it was a blast. I even found some talented folks who wanted to collaborate with me and play on my new recordings! YAY!!

Music Matters Academy Mentor sessions... so many talents!

I sincerely hope I will be able to attend Music Matters again next year (especially Music Matters Academy, that was really useful... picked up plenty of good ideas and tips about managing myself as an independent). I was multi-tasking like a mad man as I was covering the conferences for Straits Times Communities, so I was reporting "LIVE" via twitter (@jonleongtweets, if you're interested). I must have looked rude to have been constantly typing on my phone while people were talking.

more talented people!

even more talented (and good looking enough to be part time strippers) people

Music Industry legend Seymour Stein shares his experiences and answers questions.

Had some nice catch up time with the queen of Singaporean radio, Flo.

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