Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I believe in Lifelong Learning

As I write this, I am eagerly awaiting my results... I've spent the last year reading and working my butt off pursuing a music degree at LASALLE College of the arts and I think the results are due any day now. Honestly, I don't think I've ever worked as hard on anything academically before. I do hope that my efforts translate into good grades...one has to make the most out of the school fees, no? Especially when I had to pay for it out of my savings (El Cheapo strikes again). I have a phobia of looking at how low my funds are in the bank account now. (I tell myself it doesn't matter, money can always be earned lah, no problem.)

I remember telling myself after I had graduated from NUS that I would never voluntarily go back to school again... but 5 years later, I find myself pursuing another undergraduate course. LOL. the irony.

This time, I must say, it was different, maybe it's because I've actually found what I am passionate about. An all consuming interest. I kind of wish I could spend more time learning and you know, forget about earning money and paying mortgages.  I'd love to just keep learning, improving myself and creating.

My time in LASALLE really made me realize that education is the best investment you can give yourself, if you put in the effort. It's really about what you put in. You get what you put in.

The pursuit of creating music, making videos, singing, writing lyrics, recording, performing, is a never ending pursuit. There will never come a day where you would know everything about it... I think that's what makes it so fun for me. You will never be able to master any of it. 

This was my last gig performed in LASALLE a couple of weeks back for the LASALLE graduation show. I will miss my time there. Who knows? I might return there in a couple of years...

Rehearsing for the COLAB: the LASALLE grad show 2013.

In the mean time, I've got a whole bunch of new songs that I've written, I'm motivated and I'm excited to take them in the studio and put them out for all of you to enjoy... on my soon to be spanking new awesome website! Also... I might be starting a sort of regular gig where I might get to sing all my favourite songs from the 80s and 90s! more updates soon!

Also, I just had yet another birthday. I'm another year wiser, but another year of metabolic slowdown...  I've got a nice workout regime that I absolutely have to adhere to. The flipside about putting all my energy into my coursework... I get out of shape. :(
Happy birthday to me! I'm not a big fan of cupcakes but these were custom made for me, so I really appreciate it.

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