Thursday, 29 August 2013

REEL USEFUL at Bugis +: my new favourite shop in Singapore!

It's a chewbacca backpack!!!
It is my opinion that Singapore has way... way... WAY too many shopping malls, all these malls all have the same stores in them. They all sell the same crap, the same food and the same clothes. It's almost like shopping in Singapore has nothing unique to offer... Over the years, I've seen most of my favourite stores close down one by one, due to rising costs of rent and living.... there's just no place for subcultures and niche markets. To quote Palahniuk's Fight Club, "Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy". 

Over the last couple of years, all my regular haunts: book stores, comic stores, music stores, basically, just any kind of subculture niche thing I dig (the kind that isn't targeted at the wealthy) have folded. Cool little small businesses that cater to subcultures just can't survive with Singapore's crazy retail rental prices. This sad state of affairs is very much turning me into even more of a hermit.  :(
BUT the other day, after watching Pacific Rim, I found a ray of hope... this gem of a store in Bugis + called, "REEL USEFUL".  I wanna mention that this blogpost is in no way a paid blog ad or anything like that. I'm just a customer, that wants to tell everyone about this place. We need more cool stores (that aren't catered to the yuppie crowd) here in Singapore.

REEL USEFUL is at level 2, Bugis +, Singapore.

I fell in love with all the pop culture/ geeky/ nostalgic/ comic stuff in there.. they have t-shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies, earphones, mugs, flasks, pillows, clocks, posters, bags, magnets, bath robes, games, display items... plenty of stuff for a small store. I really didn't wanna leave, so I asked the shop owners if it was okay if I blogged about the store. They were very cool about it, so here's some of my favourite things from REEL USEFUL. 

Hoodies, tees and there's a whole lower rack that I couldn't fit in the shot.

Clocks that make the time pass faster, I dig the star wars one and the Homer one!

 I had one of my best friend's birthdays coming up and I really wanted to get him something from this store. I was choosing between this fashionable ninja turtle hoodie (Raphael's my favourite one)... and a bathrobe.

I really almost bought this for myself. I can't not laugh and be happy when I see my reflection.

They've got all the characters' hoodies for sale. But i was only interested in the Raphael one.

 but I decided to get my buddy this super awesome Chewbacca bathrobe. He works in his art studio at home and he likes to keep the airconditioner set to "arctic" so I think this would be more useful for him.

This is brilliant! the bathrobe is nice, thick and fluffy too.
There's a whole bunch of super hero aprons but I dug this the most.
PVC leather type DEXTER apron is a really good way to cook your prey, I mean, food.
Storm trooper backback!!!

These Vader bags are a hit, I'm sure. This character sells the most number of action figures.

He was telling me, "Choose this back pack... you must"
I liked the chewbacca backpack most, he had his bandolier and everything.
This Stormtrooper robe was pretty far out.
I'd go with the Targaryen mug, Daenarys is way hot.
"My spidey sense is tingling!!!"
Zombie/machine gun/ grenade ice cubes mean FUN.
I really, really, really want this set of beer pint cups.
of course, I would need this to help keep the beer extra cold. Can't help myself, I 'm a hardcore Simpson Fan.
You might think you can't see when you're all zipped up. But you can!
My favourite is really the ninja turtle Raphael Hoodie, but this is pretty nifty too.
A pizza cutter that makes R2D2 sound effects?? hahaha! great gift idea.
I didn't get to try out the sound quality, but I'm sure a star wars fan would dig these.
If you wanna go check out the store and all the other funky dandy stuff for yourself, here are the details. Lots of fun to look at, own and wondeful gift ideas for boys and girls who're cool.

REEL USEFUL- 201 Victoria Street #02-71, Bugis + Link Bridge Singapore 188067.

Here's the husband and wife team that opened the store, nice people. I'm holding Thor's Hammer!!

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